Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Called to Serve

Today has been a good day and it ended with a great Devotional with President and Sister Uchtdorf speaking. She was very cute and funny. He smiles big when he listens to his wife and his smile is something to see. (he is handsome) We were on the 7th row because they save the front seats for the Seniors.

His talk was powerful and inspiring. Life at the MTC is life-changing. High light again was singing "Called to Serve" with 2,000 young and enthusiastic missionaries filled with the Spirit. It is awesome. Love to all - Mom


Jane said...

Love the updates mom! I know I talk to you everyday, but there are always little details that get left out. I hope you had a better day today.
Love you

Julie Freeman said...

I'm so glad for your "high's" You guys literally seemed to be glowing and so excited this weekend. I'm so excited for you guys and grateful for your spirit. Thank you for all that you are! Love you - Julie

coriconnors said...

Hey, just want you to know we who remain in the old "stompin grounds" are thinking of you and praying for you. You are setting the pace for all of us and we are SO PROUD OF YOU for doing the not easy (but surely the best)thing!
Dave and Cori

Charmaine Anderson said...

I like your blog name. I am going to link to mine and send the empty nesters a link. This will be fun sharing your experiences.

Unknown said...

President Uchtdorf is awesome, quite a breath of fresh air. My maternal grandmother left England when she was 18 and ran away to America. She is from Stratfor on Avon. I need to go back to England and do more research. You guys are awesome and I am green with envy- Mary Silver