Sunday, January 10, 2010

Devon Delving

P1000652 My 2nd Great Grandfather, James Watts and his family lived here (Dean) in 1841 through 1851 and worked as an “Ag Lab” (agriculture laborer). The family moved to Cardiff Wales sometime before 1861, where they lived until they boldly left the Old World for the New and crossed to America coming to Utah. James and Elizabeth (71 & 75) were living in Providence in 1870. Elizabeth died in 1878 and James in 1889; both are buried in the Ogden Cemetery.

P1000655 The current owner of ‘Dean Farm’ is Morley Hooksway whose family has owned the farm for over 30 years. He told me one of the houses was 400 years old and some of the others were newer…. only about 280 years old. Needless to say we took pictures of these old houses. See them here West Down - Dean


Dean is in West Down Parish, which is just Nor'East of Georgeham, where James was born in 1801. Click on the map for a larger view, and if you’re interested you can see some pictures Georgeham

We spent one day plus at the North Devon Record office in Barnstaple (that’s Barn-stuhpull to you Yanks) and another day in the Devon Record office in Exeter. We found some more family names to add – pretty fun. Some of the old records from the 1600’s and 1700’s are really hard to read.

Family History aside… we were away from the busyness of London in rural England with more sheep than people. Beautiful country. We drove along the Atlantic coastline and ate at a 13th century freehouse, The Bush Inn in Cornwall. Here are a few more pictures of our trip. Devon & Cornwall

We drove back to Exeter on the 5th of January in a blinding snowstorm, slipping and sliding all the way. No such thing as all season tires, snow plows or sanded roads in England.

Love to all,

Elder & Sister Watts