Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Week That Was

Here are some of the (mostly regular) patrons who are in the FHC quite regularly and some everyday (click for a bigger view). Starting with the center, that's Mr. Williams, who comes almost every day and does lots of work on Irish ancestors. Then around the circle from top left, there is Mary and Janet, English to the core with cockney accents and all, who are professional genealogists. Next is Ms. Harley, who spends her time researching her ancestors from the Caribbean. At the top right is Carole Baines who lives in the Lea Valley Ward and came in for the first time on Wednesday and worked on her line in New FamilySearch. We were saddened to hear today that she had a falling accident and broke both ankles! Bottom right is Ken. He spends a lot of time in the Centre..... not sure what he finds. Bottom middle is Lynette, who is here from Australia and has spent almost every day doing family research. She has found 'many' ancestors, is here in London for several more weeks and has ordered some films to view while she's here.

Then in the last two pictures (bottom left and middle left) we have three FHC workers, who make the work pleasant for the rest of us, Sister Inskeep and Sister Watts followed in the middle left picture by Matthew Pridham. Matthew is the Assistant Director of the Centre and is very knowledgeable about Family History.

Every week there are successes with ancestors found ..... and failures with blind alleys and ancestors who are hiding. One lady came in with one name looking for more, and in fairly short order Sister Watts found four more generations for her on the IGI. She was thrilled!!

I helped a man find some Antigua (Caribbean) records, that he said were nowhere else to be found. We printed out 23 scans of documents for him. He was delighted!

Finally, here is a picture of a rather beautiful English lady with whom I work. I am most grateful for her. At least I think she's become English. As you can see she dresses English, rides busses and says thing like "pop in" and "straight away." To see her better, click on her picture.

Elder Watts

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"It mattereth not what ye shall eat"

Recently, the Whitechapel Ward in our Hyde Park Stake was asked to vacate the rented school building in which they have been meeting for several years. A month ago they started meeting in our building after our block. Last Sunday, Jim had a meeting after church, and I waited for him in the foyer. Our friends, the Scotts, attend the Whitechapel ward, and Kella plays the piano for them. I could hear the Sacrament song being played when the door flew open and their Relief Society president ran out and said, "I forgot the bread, we have no bread!" I felt her panic, but didn't know how to help. We looked in the kitchen, searching for something. When we went back to the foyer, a man came in the front door with something wrapped in foil in his hands and they went back to Sacrament meeting.
Monday morning I asked Kella what happened. She said they sang all of the verses twice and then they asked her to keep playing. Finally the Sacrament was served. "Cake! We had cake, she said." Our discussion led to D&C 27:2, "it mattereth not what ye shall eat." We had quite a laugh thinking about the different options, but concluded that when Elder Inskeep said, "I guess you could even have pickles" that that was going too far. Sister Watts

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Snowy Day in London Town

February 2nd, 2009
It snowed in London today. It was a pretty average 6-inch Utah snowstorm, but it paralyzed this vast city that hasn’t seen so much snow in 18 years. All buses were suspended and with millions depending on them for transportation, the city came to a halt. We walked a little more than a mile to the Family History Centre and witnessed many happy children building snowmen because the schools were closed. As we walked through the Imperial College of London, we worried about getting hit with a snowball. At least 50 students were having a big snowball fight and you could hear their laughter for several blocks.
People everywhere were taking pictures. I don’t remember another day that I’ve seen so much happiness in this big and sometimes gloomy city.

The People of Lea Valley Ward

We wanted you to meet some of the wonderful people of the Lea Valley Ward. They come from many countries -- Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Philippines, Peru, Germany, St. Vincent (Caribbean), Hungary and, of course, England. However, they have several things in common -- large smiles, warm hearts and testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So it is our pleasure to introduce you to the folks from the Lea Valley Ward.

Clifford Robnett (Building Coordinator and Official Greeter) and Bishop David Vincent

Sister Watts with Luz (Gospel Doctrine Teachers) and Jun Roosendaal (1st Counselor to Bishop Vincent)

Full time missionaries - Elder Anderson (L) and Elder Beta (R) with Brother Augustine Adu

Elder Wilbert Kahwa (Ward Mission Leader) & Sister Watts

Brother Peter Stokes (HP Group Leader) & Sister Glenda Stokes (RS President)

Brother & Sister Baldwin

Sister Nathali Vincent (Bishop's Wife) with brand new baby girl (first child)

The 'Young Men' with Elder Anderson

Sister Blossom Gordon (Sunday School Class President)

Sister Laudicea Freilich and Sister Nerissa Irish

Wonderful people all and our brothers and sisters, who have welcomed us with open arms.

Usiku mwema, Lala salama [Swahili for goodnight and sleep well]
Elder & Sister Watts