Tuesday, December 22, 2009

London’s Winter Solstice

DSC00023_1_661662a It’s winter in London!  It’s cold in London!  It’s the shortest day of the year.  Sunrise at 8:10am and sunset at 3:46pm.  Actually “Sunrise” is only a wishful thought, since it only gets to 15° above the horizon.  So just picture lots of tall buildings and then try to ‘not’ stand in the shade.  Almost impossible.  Still….. lots of bikes out on the streets.

Christmas will soon be here and thoughts turn to things other than family history.  Not much happening in the Family History Centre.  But still hardly a day goes by without someone thrilled for having found a marriage record or a new name in their ancestral tree that they never knew before.

We’re going to Devon next week (South West England) to visit long deceased kin.  Looking forward to walking where they walked and seeing what they saw, and maybe, just maybe…… feeling what they felt.

Merry Christmas to All……..

We love you,

Elder & Sister Watts