Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to the Races


P-day again and we went to see a ‘Steeplechase’. Beautiful day, very English and lots of fun. Beautiful horses…..

P1000221 The ‘Pedestrians’ -

Elder & Sister Scott, Elder & Sister Watts and Elder & Sister Inskeep.


One of many bookmakers (touts), showing the odds and taking bets. Had a hard time keeping Sister Watts away…


Interesting people….


Very proper.....


Beautiful horses.....

And here’s some of the ACTION!

Click here for more pictures.

Love to all,

Elder & Sister Watts

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walkin' in "Stile"

Last Saturday we joined three other senior couples and set off to take an English country walk. It was a beautiful day as we walked along and across tree-lined fields, through bough-covered paths to see quaint villages and medieval churches.

One field 'required' us to pass through the domain of some ferocious wild animals (above). At first Sister Watts said, "I'm not going in there", but when confronted with the alternative of a very long walk, she relented and bravely faced the beasts and made it through.

The goal of the walk, aside from the exhilaration of just taking it, was to see the Watts Memorial Chapel and George F. Watts Museum. George (no relation as far as I know) was a famous painter and sculptor of the late 19th century. His works are displayed prominently throughout England - most notably St. Pauls Cathedral and the National Gallery.

Our walk took us through the villiage of Puttenham, where we ate at The Good Intent pub, walked across the Puttenham Golf Club (ca 1894) and came up "The Street."

Here's a picture of Sister Watts crossing the Stile in style. And..... below, Elder Watts is not acting his age on a rope swing. Best wishes..... Elder Watts

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Missionary Engineering

The Hyde Park Chapel is, in every way, a shared facility. Besides three wards, the building is used for: the England London Mission Offices, Stake Offices, Employment Center, YSA Outreach Program and the London Family History Centre. For many years the Family History Centre has put up a temporary vinyl banner sign each day to 'advertise' its existence. The existing vinyl banner had become worn and looked more like a swap meet sale sign than a sign meeting the usual high standards of the Church.

Our FHC Director asked me to arrange for a replacement banner. After some investigation, I suggested a thin, solid panel sign that would look a bit more upscale and last longer even though it would be a bit more expensive. She agreed and off I went to do a bit of engineering complete with a few drawings, a simple design for mounting and the new sign is now in place. It's lightweight and easy to hang and remove each day.
We often have patrons who say, "I saw your sign and came to investigate.

" Not rocket science, but fun nevertheless to do a little Missionary Engineering.

Elder Watts