Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goose Fat

The miracle of food in England is "Free Range!" All the quality (more expensive) foods come from free range..... free range eggs, free range chickens, free range cows, free range pigs. Somehow the eggs, milk and meat from critters in pens is second class. Well..... Jana bought us some "Free Range" Pure Goose Fat, which has sat on 'me' shelf (as the English would say) for six weeks.

With a little help from the internet recipe reservoir Sister Watts cooked up some free range potatoes using Pure goose fat. Not too bad -- but then, as with any gourmet chef, Chef Barbarez's skills in the culinary arts

could make any food tres magnifique!

Happy gourmet eating.
Elder & Sister Watts

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's 'Football'

This weekend marked the beginning of the Premier League football season. Twenty teams with players averaging £1.1m in annual salary (that's £21,000 per week) begin their competition ending next May with the champion taking home, besides a solid silver trophy, over £15m. The team picked to win is Chelsea with Manchester United (winners last year) and Liverpool close behind. Lots of U.S. ownership in these teams. 'Football' is a front page topic all season and we hear about it from our patrons in the FHC as well.

Here's Elder Watts on a recent P-day outing warming up for the season with one of the local stars. We had a little trouble keeping the fans off the 'pitch'. I was asked to play for the Tottenham Hotspurs, but I had to decline due to my prior commitments to the team at the London Family History Centre.

Best wishes,
Elder Watts

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lea Valley Primary

After 10 months of teaching Gospel Doctrine to the Saints of Lea Valley Ward, I was surprised when the Bishop issued a release and said he would like to have me serve in the Primary. I felt a little sad because as difficult as it was for me to teach the adults, I loved what I was learning. It has not taken long to switch allegiance to the Primary and these cute girls.